Rice SPA

Tea Tree

Natural Skin Therapy
Embrace nature

An advanced-formulated scrub & mask that
provides healing, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory,
brightening effects to improve skin to a healthy glow,
made with natural ingredients.

What can we do for you?

All Natural Ingredients

Pampering your skin does not need to be a tedious affair. Our Popular VENNA RiceSPA does it right by your skin,
giving it a nourishing treat that feels luxurious and proves effective.

Taking our cue from the fundamental lesson on the role of exfoliation in skin care maintenance, we have crafted this well-loved
skin therapeutic from the likes of simple natural ingredients such as oatmeal, rice enzyme and tea tree oil.

Multi-tasking has never been epitomized as wonderfully as it has, in out best-seller. Boasting a multitude of functions, that target out skin’s most vulnerable properties,
this is a product that promoted skin whitening and cellular regeneration, reduces aging and retains the moisture that our skin requires to maintain its
tautness and glow.

For those of you out there with Sensitive RiceSpa Cleanses or acne-prone skin, this is the natural therapy your skin cells for.
With anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties in place, VENNA RiceSPA soothes, cleanse & relaxes your skin, so indulge in some
pampering today in your skincare regime! 

3 Simple Steps

Direction of use

1. Mix one sachet of rice scrub into 12 ml water, stir well until it becomes
a smooth paste.
2. Gently massage on face (& neck if desired) with fingertips
using circular movement.
3. Leave for 10-20 mins and rinse off with water. 



Skin exfoliation & polishing is essential to
keep skin healthy & glowing 

As we age, the process of cell regeneration slows down. This means that our body is slower to shed off old skin cells and generate new ones. When old dead skin cells pile up on the surface, it leaves skin looking dull, rough & dry. The build up of dead skin cells can result in severe oil production & clogged pores, leading to surface blemishes & acnes. A regular exfoliating routine will remove dead skin cells and dirt, leaving skin looking fresh, firm and healthy.

Customer Testimonals


Student - WINNA

I have a bad acne and could never find an exfoliator that worked well for me until I found VENNA RiceSPA. It gently cleanses
away the acne and now my skin feel so smooth and supple. 


Student - DANNY

I have tried many facial products before, they were either too harsh for my skin or the exfoliating effect too minimal. After trying VENNA RiceSPA, i cannot believe how clear my complexion has become. Definately a new favourite !


Student - Katijah

After using VENNA RiceSPA my skin feel fresh & tender & it doesn't itch, We LOVE this product .

Natural Benefit

A sudden outbreak of skin sensitive,
inflammation & acne, left me who is someone
never has any skin problems, totally helpless.
I’m glad that by chance at the Exhibition I met
VENNA RiceSPA & out of curiosity buying it.
This saved my face. After using 7 days,
my face is almost recovered to its usual self.
Thank you, VENNA RiceSPA.
Meeting you is a beautiful incident,
giving me unexpected love.


5 Free System

We believe in Natural,
Natural health & beauty

We care for you & our environment, hence we leave out ingredients like talc,
minerals oils & sythetics fragrances in VENNA RiceSPA to experience the power &
beauty of Nature.
We use the natural ingredients to care &
protect for your skin.


Natural brightening effect chemical free
Bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, anti-sensitive
Reduce skin dullness, spots & sign of aging
Improve skin elasticity and moist
Antibacterial & antioxidant benefits
Eliminate fatigue and restore vitality
Reduce fine lines & wrinkles
Replenish skin nutrients


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