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Venna Indox alleviates indigestion by replenishing the
enzymes in your body to aid in the breaking down of food.


Increase daily dietary fiber intake, promote
normal gastrointestinal function 


Suppress the growth of pathogenic bacteria
in the intestines thus reduce toxin production


Delay gastrointestinal aging to enhance
digestion and nutrient absorption


Maintain organ function to prevent development
of chronic diseases


Reduce excessive fats and water accumulation
that help in weight loss


o supply essential nutrients, enhance health & vitality


Natural Fruits Fiber With Added Enzyme

Enzymes regulate almost every chemical reaction in our bodies, this process may be compromised as we age or when our health ails. This can be circumvented with the supplementation of enzymes, and our award-winning supplement takes the form of a fruit-veggie enzyme.

Our Indox, enzyme supplement, weaves wellness and beauty together through its action of detoxifying and slimming. There are eleven ingredients built into Indox, including apple fiber, plumberry, aloe vera and wheatgrass, all of which are natural and safe. And of course, this key combination proves effective in promoting a healthy digestive tract, supporting efficient nutrient absorption and boosting metabolism, processes that are crucial in maintaining regular body functions. Don't hesitate to embrace what Venna Indox can do to help you achieve a strong, healthy and beautiful body.


How much ENZYME do you have left ?

Our body has enzymes. As we age, our body is less capable
of producing enzymes efficiently. If the daily compensation
is not enough, it will accelerate the loss.

"Enzymes are keys of all nutrients"

Hazards of a Lack Of Enzymes

1. Immune System Weakens, getting sick easily
2. Headaches, Dizziness, Insomnia
3. Muscles Ache, Joints Pain Or Lower Back Pain
4. Food Or Skin Allergies
5. Rough Skin, Acne And Spots On Face
6. No Appetite, Indigestion
7.Constipation, Diarrhea

when Toxins Accumulated
in our body

Can you keep on ignoring while
toxins keep on increasing everyday?

If you don’t pay attention to the seemingly
simple health problems, the consequences
will become very serious.
Have a strong & healthy body without further delay.

Stubborn stool accumulated
in the body will cause

There are many reasons for stubborn stool formation, such as stress, lack of exercise, body dehydrated & others. This may lead to accumulation of metabolic waste in the body that cause unsuccessfully elimination. The main cause of all these would be eating habit where people changes daily meal intake from fiber-rich brown rice, oats, rice & flour to refined white rice & flour. According to statistic, the average fiber we take nowadays is 15 grams/day, which is less than half of the daily recommended intake.

1. Modern people digest slowly

Modern people only have one-tenth of digestive speed compared to the people in previous generations. Due to the lack of cellulose and fewer fruits and vegetables, coupled with insufficient exercise, the food remains in the intestines for too long. Over time, it will form as the stool and releases toxin that can be hazardous to health.

2. Defecation time is uncertain

Due to the fast pace in our life, most people had ignored the time to go to the toilet. This will directly cause toxin accumulation in the body and missed the best timing for the bowel movement that will gradually make people lost the feeling of defecation.


3. Insufficient amount of bowel movements per day

Many people think that as long as there is defecation every day, there will be no accumulation of stools inside our body; However, according to medical reports, everyone will have stool regardless what their body shape is. Normal people have 3-6kg of stool in the body; however, there are nearly 7-11kg of stools in the human body when people suffered from constipation.

4. Ingest too much meat

It takes 2 days for the fruits that are rich in cellulose to be excreted, it will take more time for the spicy meat that is less fibre and high calories. It also affects the normal peristalsis of the intestines when it enters the body.

7 Key Benefits of
Natural Fruits Veggie Enzyme

Promotes Liver Protection
Regulate Body Function
Enhances Cell Revitalisation
Promotes Colon Purification
Beauty & Wellness
Boost Immunity

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